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Reference Materials
on Native American Split Stones

Last Updated on March 25, 2007

[E100] John Josselyn, An Account of Two Voyages to New-England, Made During the Years 1638, 1663, ???

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“And I have heard it reported from creditable persons, that (whilst I was there in the countrie) there happened a Terrible earthquake amongst the French, rending rock assunder even to the center, wherein was a vast hollow of an imeasurable depth, out of which came many infernal spirits.” pp.48 (2nd Voyage)

“If the sick recover they send rich gifts, their Bowes and Arrows, Wompompers, Mohacks, Beaver skins, or other rich furs to the Eastward, where there is a vast rock not far from shore, having a hole in it of an unsearchable profundity, into which they throw them.” pp. 104-105 (2nd voyage)



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