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Prehistoric stone structures are found throughout the continental U.S. and portions of Canada. Northeastern U.S. and southeastern Canada have some of the highest concentrations of these structures. These structures include stone chambers, cairns, standing stones, enclosures, pre-historic walls, wells, pedestal boulders (dolmens), balanced rocks, and structures referred to as “forts”.

Many of these structures have survived on conservation lands, state parks, and undeveloped private property. Many of these structures go unnoticed or passed off as work of 19th century farmers. C-14 dates from archaeological digs of some of these structures have demonstrated their pre-historic (prior to 1500 A.D.) building dates. This portion of the website is layout as a basic field guide to spotting and identifying a number of different types of prehistoric structures. Some sections will include more in depth analysis of these structures for those persons interested in exploring the big questions – who built them, why, and when.

Native American Historical Beliefs and Cultural Concepts
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Colors, Shapes, Numbers, & Quartz

Native American Ceremonial Sites


Caddy Park Site, Quincy MA

Titicut Site: Another Site with Similar Features To Caddy Park

Gungywamp Site, Groton, CT

Articles, Photos, and more ...

Manana Island Petroglyph, ME

Places to Visit - Small Cairn Site, Northwood, NH




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