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Wendell, MA - Twin Chamber

Wendell MA Twin Stone Chambers

Wendell, MA - Twin Chambers

This structure consists of two side by side chambers sharing a common wall between them. Attached to chambers is an L-shaped enclosure outside of their entrances. Each chamber has a window to the outside and there is small window between the two rooms. Each room is roofed with two stone slabs which are supported in the middle by the shared central wall. There are some minor differences between the two rooms in terms of their dimensions. the left room is 5 feet 10 inches by 3 feet 10 inches and the right room is 5 feet 6 inches by 4 feet. The left room is 4 inches longer. The front wall of the left room is 1 foot 7 inches thick and the right room front wall is 2 feet 2 inches thick a difference 7 inches.

There are modern offerings of white stones, sea shells, and even a rusted bolt in the right room. There are no offerings in the left room.

The entrances are oriented to 210 degress (magentic north). Left room window is oriented to 322 degrees (mag.  north) and right room window is oriented to 162 degrees (mag. north).

Wendell MA Twin Stone Chambers

Interior of left chamber showing the small window.

Wendell MA Twin Stone Chambers

Interior of right room. Note the offering of whites stones near the rear wall.

Wendell MA Twin Stone Chambers

Diagram from field notes


The Twin Chambers is arranged into three parts an enclosure in front of the chamber and two separate chamber rooms.

Enclosures are spaces set apart for people, usually shaman at these stone structure sites, for ceremonial usage. Some enclosures were used with a spirit and some were used without a spirit. It is unclear if this enclosure had a spirit or not.

Each chamber has an opening extending from the exterior to interior. The opening is a spirit portal. A spirit portal can be an entry point or an exit point. The interior wall also has an opening. The middle (dividing) wall opening allowed the spirit to travel from one to the other room.

The ceremony that took place inside this chamber had a spirit come into the chamber from the outside. The people wanted only a specific spirit to enter the chamber. To insure no other spirit entered the chamber, the rectangular stone slab was placed at the entrance to the enclosure. Note: At some stone structure sites an ordinary oversized boulder was used in lieu of rectangular shaped stone slabs. Any oversized stone whether slab or boulder placed to stand out is potential blocking symbolism.




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