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Root Cellar
Thompson, CT

Root Cellar-Thompson-MapRoot Cellar

This root cellar is located on East Thompson Road in Thompson, Connecticut near #779 (see map). GPS coordinates are N 42º 02.840 W 71º 48.143 The root cellar is dug into the base of a southerly facing hill. The root cellar has a fancy decorative front facade. The facade has two rows of large flat stone slabs with a narrow row of stones between them.(Portions of the right hand side facade have lost some of the stone slabs.) The door frame is made from quarried granite bars with commercially finished surfaces. On the left side of the door frame are two iron door hinge pins. The roof is formed from a high stone arch built without any mortar. The root cellar’s inside measurements are 10’2” wide by 17’10” long by 8’2” high. The root cellar most likely dates from the mid to late 1800’s.

The root cellar went with a farm on the hill. On top of the hill are the remains of a wooden house collapsing into its foundation and a nearby large barn foundation. The farm dates from the 19th century and was used into the early 20th century. The high quality of the workmanship of the root cellar indicates the farm was well-to-do at one point.

Thompson CT Stone Arch Root Cellar

Decorative front facade and finished granite door frame.

Thompson CT Stone Arch Root Cellar

Inside of root cellar.

Thompson CT Stone Arch Root Cellar

Inside the root cellar showing the back wall.

Thompson CT Stone Arch Root Cellar

close-up of the stone arch roof.

Thompson CT Stone Arch Root Cellar




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