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Shutesbury, MA

Mt. Mineral Road “Monks” Chamber

The chamber is located in a steep sandy embankment along Mt. Mineral Road in Shutesbury, MA. It is has a small entrance to almost well like chamber. The chamber has a single large capstone with a corbelled side wall to roof capstone transition. The chamber has different sections built with different styles or techniques of dry stone masonry, This make indicate either multiple person building the structure or chamber built (or rebuilt) in several different construction phases. The drawings are sketches based upon field notes.

Horizontal cross section view.

Corbelled transition from vertical side wall to capstone

Single capstone roof

Left side (if facing entrance inside) junction showing non-interlocking wall

Sketch of Layout (not to scale)

Interior view of chamber looking out at entrance. The distance from the lintel to capstone is missing from the field notes.The chamber is just big enough to stand upright inside. Interior hieght estimated at about 6 feet to 6 1/2 feet. the entrance is near the top of the wall with a drop down into the interior. From inside the chamber, the entrance provides a view from 69 - 105 degrees (true north).


Entrance as viewed from interior

Right side (if facing entrance inside) junction showing non-interlocking wall. Notice the lower wall is built with cobbles and upper section built with flat stones.




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