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Northwood, NH

Rockshelter Chamber

This chamber is technically a modified rockshelter. It is located on moderate slope of glacially deposited material. A large glacial erratic rests on a smaller boulder forming a cave like space which is 3 feet high, 4 feet wide at entrance and appromixately 6 feet in depth. The rear entrance was blocked by man-made stone wall. The entrance is orient towards east. A natural recess near the entrance was modified into a niche feature.

The rockshelter chamber is the only stonework in the immediate area. A cairn site is locate about 1/4 mile away.

Interior view of Rockshelter Chamber --------->
A partial collapsed stone wall forms the back wall.

Entrance to rockshelter chamber showing location of niche feature

Close-up of niche feature. Several stones were added to enhance a natural recess in the boulder. (Scale in Inches)




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