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Root Cellar
East Brookfield, MA

The root cellar is located at the bottom of a steep slope just north of a brick house at the junction of Route 9 & North Street in East Brookfield, MA. It is located northwest of the junction. GPS coordinates N 42º 13.569 W 72º 03.333

This is a subterranean stone arch root cellar. Access to the root cellar is via a bulkhead entry with a stairwell which once had stairs. Today the stairwell is partially filled with sand. The arch is wide and low. The mortar in the arch was either (1) to water proof it, or (2) as a precaution to hold it together given the flattened arch which was used. The arch has held up well, there was no evidence of structural problems. A significant amount of mortar has come loose and fallen. The root cellar’s inside measurements are 9’ wide by 15’6” long by 6’5” high.

Root cellar is oriented to the southwest. The high bank to the north would have sheltered it from prevailed winds. Inside of the root cellar was cold at time of visit (May). Some frost was evident on the inside of the arch. There is evidence of a barn and possibly other farm structures nearby.

Note: The beavers have raised the water levels of nearby Mud Pond backing up water close to the root cellar. 15 feet north of the root cellar is a road drainage pipe which contributes water feeding the wetlands just below the root cellar. The area would have been much drier at the time of construction. Despite the higher water levels, the root cellar was dry inside at time of visit. Root cellar was dug into a sandy well drained embankment.

Root Cellar-East-Brookfield-Drawing
East Brookfield MA Root Cellar

Bulkhead and stairwell entry into root cellar.

East Brookfield MA Root Cellar

Inside the root cellar showing the stairwell entry.

East Brookfield MA Root Cellar

Inside the root cellar showing the back wall.




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